Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

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Are your hedges getting out of hand, power tools broken or no longer up to the job? Do you want to enjoy your weekends rather than spend them trimming hedges and making trips to the tip? Well, it time to down tools and give us a call. It doesn’t matter if its a 200ft long Hawthorn or a 5ft Leylandi, we are there for your every need. With the best tools in the business, the ability to remove large amounts of cuttings and a team that loves to work we are the best option.


Over the years we’ve cut 1000’s of hedges, just check our gallery. Theres always a time of year where the once precision cut hedges start to look a mess, it doesn’t matter what you did the previous year those thing know how to grow and make your garden look untidy.

Maybe this is the year you decided enough is enough and those hedges are to be reduced to a more manageable level. Well, we can help out there too with a quick hedge reduction.

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Just as bad as hedges when it comes to growing, once April hits they just can’t help themselves. We can trim bushes back of a number of reasons, just to keep them from taking over a border, maybe you like them all to be uniformed into nice rounded shapes, or maybe they just love getting you wet through each time you walk past them after a bit of rain.

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