Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Stop working on the garden at the weekend and start enjoying it.

Everyone loves to sit and enjoy the sunshine in a beautiful garden. The problem is most of us just don’t have the time, the tools or the desire to maintain a garden to that ‘beautiful’ standard.

At Pro Gardens we take care of the garden maintenance for you. Request a callback today as you’ll be surprised at how cost effective it can be to hire us.

5 Benefits When You Hire Us

  1. Save Money and Gain More Space
    The average household spends hundreds of pounds on owning a lawnmower, hedge trimmer, and various other tools to maintain their garden. Having a gardener eliminates the need to own and store these tools. This gives you more space in the shed, garage or cupboard and cuts down on having to maintain and replace the tools when they break.
  2. Good For The Garden
    Having a gardener come to your home every two weeks will improve the garden significantly. Your garden is a living organism, and if you neglect or tend to it only when everything is overgrown then this has a detrimental effect on the lawn, plants, soil and almost everything else in the garden. A healthy garden looks great, adds great kerb appeal, and is a better place to relax.
  3. Expertise
    This is an area most people overlook. A gardener can identify and eliminate many problems before they arise, which can save you money and any future headaches in the long term. For example, identifying which plants, shrubs and trees need moving or pruning before they grow to big can save hundeds of pounds.
  4. We Do The Hard Work (Peace Of Mind)
    This is probably the most popular reason why most of our customers have us maintain their garden. Knowing that the garden is being looked after and not having to worry about getting you hands dirty is a great feeling.
  5. A Better Looking Garden
    Let’s be honest a professional gardener with professional tools is going to do a better job than the average person and in half the time. The smart households employ Pro Gardens because they know our garden maintenance service saves them time, money and lets them enjoy the garden hassle free.

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As part of the extensive range of garden services we offer we also cover fencing.

Hedge Trimming

Are your hedges getting out of hand, power tools broken or no longer up to the job? Do you want to enjoy your weekends rather than spend them trimming hedges and making trips to the tip? Well, it time to down tools and give us a call.