Garden Landscaping

With our help we can create your perfect outdoor space.

We’ve built many gardens in Glossop, Tameside and Oldham, in all shapes, sizes and budgets and we would love to discuss the ideas you have for your garden.

We know that the garden can be a great place for everyone to relax, play, and socialise and it is therefore important that you get the design right and make use of all the space available to you.

To help you better plan your outdoor space, here are some good questions to ask when thinking of designing your garden.

What do you want to use the garden for?

Every garden is different because every household is different. Decide early on what you want from your garden and prioritise the top three things you wish to accomplish.


Does your outdoor space get much sunlight? If so how does the sun move across your garden?

How the sun moves through the garden can influence where you place areas such as the patio, the lawn and the various plants and shrubs. With this in mind we can advise you of the best ways to design your garden.

Do you want a ‘maintenance free’ garden? Do you enjoy working in the garden?

We can help you to create a space that looks great all year round without the need to spend numerous hours maintaining it. We can also help you build specific areas for the ‘fun’ side of gardening, such as growing herbs, flowers and plants. Having a garden should be fun and rewarding without the hard work and headaches.

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