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Award winning landscape Stalybridge

The Project Brief

We did our first site visit for this project in the Autumn of 2019. On this occasion the customer knew exactly what they wanted… almost!

The paving around all 4 sides of the property needed updating, the rotten decking removed and replaced, a level lawned area, but also wanting to keep a keen eye on wildlife and areas of the garden for that to flourish. The large conifer hedge at the top had to unfortunately depart. Although it added privacy and a place for birds to live it was huge, at almost 8ft wide it was taking up not only much needed space but also sunlight.

The current garden, although having many mature shrubs they were all in the wrong place, Lonicera Nitida and Aucuba planted directly at the house and blocking windows for example.

The customer was looking to use bright colours in both the paving and walling. After trawling through samples we settled on the Biscotto porcelain and Oatmeal K rend.

Pro Gardens Staylybridge Garden Maintenance
Pro Gardens Staylybridge decking

The Challenges

First up was the access, access to the rear was via a ginnel at the side of the property although not overly tight it was steep to get onto from the front and also meant coming across the front lawn that we eventually decided to replace.

There was a lot of gear to move in and out on this project. Tons and tons of soil and earth was moved out to be replaced with 22 tons of hardcore, sand and soil. The old decking and hedge were to come out through the ginnel with a monstrous roll of artificial grass, paving and fencing coming back the other way.

The other big challenge again was Covid, starting this Project in the Spring of 2020 probably wasn’t the best idea in hindsight. Reduced availability of materials due to supply chain closures hit hard. Having to reduce the number of staff on site due to social distancing slowed progress. Add to that furlough and self isolation made this project start to drag.

Getting timber for the fencing and raised sleeper beds proved the most difficult, we persevered and eventually we got over the line.

The project, as many do, changed along the way. Originally we were to install a real lawn, but having seen the damage to the front lawns whilst the back was out of commission we opted to change to artificial. The fencing at the back was due to stay originally too, but that all changed once the hedge came out and we could see it was in disrepair.

Award Winning Landscaping Stalybridge | Before | Pro Gardens
Landscaping Stalybridge Patio Tiles

The Outcomes

The outcome and transformation was finally complete. As this project started to come together you could really see it was going to look great. Every evening the customer would come home from work and you could see the excitement in his face as he saw more and more progress.

The Biscotto porcelain started to sparkle, showing off its different shades of cream, grey and brown. The artificial grass brought life to an otherwise dull area of the garden. The rendered walling and planting knitted the entire garden together and then finally the lighting was connected up to give the garden life after dark.

The icing on the cake for our hard work came in early 2021 when we were contacted by Talasey, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of landscaping materials, to say we had been nominated for an award. Then in late Feb we heard news that we had been selected as winners of the Overall transformation category.

We were absolutely delighted!!

See the finished product in the video below!

Award Winning Landscaping Stalybridge | Autumn 2019 | Pro Gardens