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Harvest sandstone Stalybridge

The Project Brief

This project started back in Feb 2020, not the best time as Covid hit the following month. It started with a phone call from our customer to be asking for a quotation, as most projects do. Upon my arrival at the site there had been a huge amount of building work and the garden was ruined. The client told me what she wanted. An Indian stone patio and a small lawn, but everything was square and quite frankly boring, I mentioned about adding some curves for a bit of style and to my bemusement she pulled out a A1 sized drawing of this lovely design she and her daughter had put together. She said “well this is what i originally wanted but I’ve been told its not possible” i couldn’t believe it, the 2 previous contractors that had called to offer quotations had told her that it wasn’t possible to cut paving on a curve……….. needless to say, at this point, we secured the job

Harvest Sandstone Stalybridge | Pro Gardens

The Challenges

For the first time in a long time the challenges were minimal. The access was good, the customer was great and everything was going to plan. We started work in the July, and straight away hit our first roadblock. The paving the customer had picked out, the lovely harvest sandstone wasn’t in stock!! Delayed due to covid!! Once the paving arrived the lads got cracking, the main concern i had was the weather, IT WAS GLORIOUS on some days too much so, on one particular day i called up to see how the lads were getting on and to do my site inspections only to find them hiding from the sun, it really was sweltering.

Another challenge was the double man holes, there were 2 sets, although thats barely a challenge now for our teams, i sometimes think they enjoy the additional cutting.

The Outcomes

The outcome was fantastic, the customer elated, her drawing brought to life!! The variation of the natural colours that come out of the Harvest sandstone started to pop. Set against a real lawn and large sweeping beds ready for the customer to plant. We even ended up installing a little water feature as the client got carried away at the local garden centre. The top of the garden was a small curved wall to support the current shed, and a circular planter as a centre piece.

All in all this was a fabulous project to work on and remains one of our favourites. We still call back fortnightly to run maintenance and keep the place looking its best!

See the finished product in the video below!

Harvest sandstone Stalybridge | Garden Landscaping | Pro Gardens