Our Projects

Porcelain Project Springhead

The Project Brief

This was a project we LOVED!!!!!!

The clients were passionate about plants, they had ordered a huge bar for the garden and wanted to create a space they could entertain. They wanted large beds, a real lawn and lighting.

The picked out the stunning Anthracite porcelain, the natural grey stone walling and away we went.

Porcelain Project Springhead Brief 1 Before
Porcelain Project Springhead Brief 2

The Challenges

As challenges go there weren’t many. We had great access into the garden with our diggers and machinery, The garden was relatively level so there wasn’t much we needed to worry about.

The imprinted concrete was a challenge to remove, but once we got cracking the machinery made light work of it.

Pro Gardens Grey Patio Design & Out House
Pro Gardens Grey Patio Star Design

The Outcomes

We were delighted with the outcome. A garden that still looks amazing at night due to the lighting.

We absolutely packed the beds with planting.

The client was happy for us to add some touches of detailing with the porcelain that allowed us to cut and install a porcelain star around their Cherry tree that had sentimental value to the clients.

All in all we and the clients were delighted with the outcome.

Porcelain Project Springhead at night