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Winter Project Stalybridge

The Project Brief

We did our first site visit for this project in the Spring of 2020 when the homeowners contacted us after being recommended via their gardener. Its always nice to get a recommend especially from another professional.

The visit went well, as usual both Mr and Mrs had different ideas about the garden and as usual, Mrs wins.

They wanted usable space. The garden has seen a family grow up and flee the nest and now the space is needed for different reasons, mainly sitting out and relaxing. The old decking had become a death trap, it had got to the point where the customer had actually broken his ankle after slipping.

There were some difficult decisions about some trees that the family have seen develop over the years, this particular property is surrounded by woodland so the impact on the garden wasn’t significant when the decision was made to take the trees out.

We also decided to upgrade the fencing, once the project had begun it became clear that the current fencing was going to spoil the new garden. So in went the new vboard fencing with concrete posts and base panels.

Winter Project Stalybridge | Garden | Pro Gardens
Winter Project Stalybridge 2 | Garden | Pro Gardens

The Challenges

First up was the access, as usual!!

A small ginnel with a tight bend was option 1, not too bad for a man pushing a wheelbarrow but no good at all for machinery such as diggers and stump grinders. So we went with option 2, through the garage and through a very very tight doorway. But finally we were in!!

Another challenge was the great British weather. We started this project in January and to our surprise it was relatively mild. We managed to get the groundwork done and the trees removed but typically once we were ready for building and wanting to use cement the weather turned. It delayed us for a couple of weeks, but as valentines day arrived we were ready to get back to business.

Winter Project Stalybridge | Garden | Pro Gardens
Winter Project Stalybridge | Ariel View | Pro Gardens

The Outcomes

The outcome was great. We used the Anthracite porcelain for the top patio and the Graphite for the bottom. Both areas with feature cladded steps to match. The bottom patio had a quirky finish. The customer had seen some features on Pinrest using sleepers. The plan was to install some vertical sleepers and over the next couple of years train some climbers up and install some lighting. Really interested to see the outcome of this in 3-5 years time. We finished this area off with a raised planter cladded in the Graphite porcelain.

We finished off with a large real grass lawn prepped with loam based soil to give it the best opportunity to flourish going forward.

We are really pleased with the outcome and so is our customer.

Vertical Wooden Sleepers for Climbers with Lighting Installation | Pro Gardens
Grey Patio Stone Steps | Pro Gardens